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Machined parts have burrs, castings have flash, extrusions and stampings have sharp and rough edges. The manufacturing process typically leaves behind some little imperfections that spoil the appearance and in some cases make the product difficult to handle.

These manufacturing imperfections may even negatively impact the seal or final assembly of the product. Hand finish detailing of a product is expensive and adds the risk of scratching or marring due to increased handling. The more economical solution is vibratory de-burring. This process smoothes edges and removes small residual imperfections that cause problems.

You will find the best vibratory de-burring and polishing service at Fort Wayne Anodizing. Our pair of 20 cubic foot automated De-Burring Vibratory Finishers use a steel media for de-burring and polishing castings or a plastic non-marring media to gently erase imperfections on extruded or machined components.

FortWayneAnodizing Burnishing Polishing IMG2Here are the advantages:

  • Improves Fit and Seal
  • Removes Undesirable Residual Metal
  • Creates a Smooth to the Touch Edge
  • Provides a “Fine Finished” Look and Feel

Let us combine de-burring with Chromate, Industrial Hardcoat or our own Across the Spectrum Color Anodizing and give your final product great visual appeal, higher reliability and strength, and most importantly, an edge over the competition.

“Durable, Reliable Products with a Premium Look = More Sales, Happier Customers and Premium Pricing”


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MetaBrite™ Luster Finish

MetaBrite™ is a proprietary process developed exclusively by Fort Wayne Anodizing for die cast and sand cast aluminum. MetaBrite™ is an environmentally friendly chemical and mechanical process that provides castings with an elegant luster that enhances the casting surface finish and aesthetic value. MetaBrite™ may be followed by any other anodizing process to produce a casting that is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but stronger and more durable than a typical aluminum casting.


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Process Description Usage Finish Properties
MetaBrite™ Mechanical Chemical Process that provides an aesthetically pleasing surface finish. Sand or Die Castings of:
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal
Color Spectrum Luster Finish
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
May be followed by Anodizing, Industrial Hardcoat, or Impregnation.



The key advantages of applying the MetaBrite™ process to your castings:

  • Cosmetic Appeal …long lasting bright luster finish
  • Cost Effective …more economical than painting and powder coating
  • Environmentally Friendly …safer for the environment than painting or other chemical finishes
  • Finish Durability …a clean, uniform, luster finish, resistant to discoloration

You may enhance the reliability, performance and value of your casting by following the MetaBrite™ process with Type II or Type III Anodizing or Chromate Conversion. Adding one or more of these processes will enhance your castings…

  • Surface Strength …up to 10x stronger than ordinary cast aluminum (Hardcoat, Type III)
  • Conductivity …design into your product electrical insulative or conductive properties (through restrictive anodizing)
  • Eliminate Galvanic Reaction …no need for a dielectric coupling when used with steel, copper, bronze, or other metals
  • Improve Corrosion Resistance …you can match stainless steel at a lower cost (Type II, Type III)
  • Color Choices …a wide array of color options are available (Type II Colorization) Standard Color Options