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Fort Wayne Anodizing 50 Years
Over 50 Wonderful Years of Producing

It's 1953 I Love Lucy is on top of the TV charts, Dean Martin croons That's Amore on the radio, movie-goers gasp at torrid passions in From Here To Eternity , coonskin caps and hula hoops are hot with the kiddie set, and in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a new company opens its doors ... Fort Wayne Anodizing is about to make history.

It was a gutsy thing to do back then, when over a third of new businesses failed right out of the blocks, but Fort Wayne Anodizing took a can-do approach with a simple philosophy: "Satisfy Every Customer." It worked then, and it's still working now ...

Our advanced technology, unsurpassed quality and precision service has established Fort Wayne Anodizing as one of the most sophisticated job shop aluminum finishers in the nation. Since 1953, continuous improvement to uphold the highest standards has been a corporate objective.
About Fort Wayne Anodizing

Increasing our efficiency to meet the demands of each individual customer is the ultimate goal of Fort Wayne Anodizing. By forming a unique partnership with the customer, we can carefully analyze the project and recommend solutions for optimum results. This approach capitalizes on Fort Wayne Anodizing's capabilities to include Sulfuric or "Conventional" Anodizing, Chromate Conversion, Hard Anodizing with or without PTFE (Teflon®) coating, and Impregnation.We also de-oxidize and etch to prepare parts for welding.

All laboratory testing, research and development is produced in-house to ensure the quality control of each process. The use of SPC (statistical process control) allows our technicians to identify the causes of any variation in processes and production characteristics and bring those variations under stringent control, enabling Fort Wayne Anodizing to deliver products that are made to last.

That, in fact, is our current company motto: "It's not how it's made, it's how it's made to last ."

As we enter our second 50 years, customer satisfaction is still what keeps us motivated ... and it's what will keep you � our customers � coming back, time after time again!

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Since 1953  

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